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    Recording Transcription for 104 Languages

    Notta supports audio-to-text transcribing for 104 languages, even for small languages. With rich corpus and NMT (Neural Machine Translation) technology, the recognition accuracy rate is as high as 95%.
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    Real-time Voice Dictation and Transcription

    Notta can real-time record and transcribe your voice into text

    Transcribing after Recording

    Notta supports transcribing after recording or imported audio files. You can use it for making interview manuscripts, meeting minutes, travel notes, and record any other important moment with ease.

    More Power of Speaker Recognition

    Based on AI voiceprint recognition system, Notta
    supports speaker identification in a conversation of 2-4 persons. And it will automatically generate a dialogue text speaker by speaker
    *This function is currently available for Chinese, English and Spanish languages

    Audio Playback to Proofread Text

    While playing back the audio, you can easily check and revise the corresponding text which is highlighted for this purpose.

    One-click Forwarding Text

    The transcribed text can be edited or revised and forwarded to email


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