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    Langogo Genesis, the Best-selling AI Translator at Amazon Germany

    2019/10/22 23:03:37

    In June 2018, Langogo launched its AI translator Genesis through crowdfunding platforms such as Indiegogo of the US, Makuake of Japan and ZecZec of Taiwan, China. Genesis rapidly became popular among global business travelers due to its excellent translation accuracy and support of 104 languages. With the overseas sales exceeding 30,000 units, Genesis has been recommended by multiple international authoritative evaluation agencies with high scores and highly acclaimed among its customers.

    Besides its simple operation, support of 104 languages and industry-leading translation accuracy, Genesis has other merits.

    As an AI-based translator, Genesis has been continuously upgraded by Langogo over the cloud and equipped with many practical functions. “Intelligent Recording” is one of the surprising functions of Genesis.

    Langogo Genesis, the Best-selling AI Translator at Amazon Germany

    The “Intelligent Recording” function of Genesis provides real-time recording and transcription of 104 languages and recording transcription. Currently, Genesis can differentiate two to four Chinese speakers. After the recording, users can designate the number of speakers and then a speech script with multiple speakers will be automatically generated. Logging in to the official website of Langogo and clicking the menu bar of “Cloud”, users can manage or edit the script transcribed from recording, and download the edited script and the recording. In addition, the edited script can be updated on the Genesis device automatically.

    With the “Intelligent Recording” function, Genesis serves as not only an AI translator, but an intelligent recording pen. It helps users record the voices in their travel, business conference, communication, study, etc., and facilitates the completion of travel notes, minutes of meeting or study notes.

    Langogo Genesis, the Best-selling AI Translator at Amazon Germany

    Langogo Genesis was hot in markets of North America and France and then became the best-selling AI translator at Amazon Germany. In October 2019, it went on sale in China. Now you can have it at, JD.COM, Xiaomi Youpin Store, and other e-commerce platforms.


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